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Do you hate waiting in line? Do you hate when your groomer does not communicate with you? Ever worry about leaving your furry kid at the grooming facility, being surrounded by unknown dogs? Well here at Furry Critters Grooming Salon you don't have to worry about anything. I operate a mobile grooming salon and their are so many advantages operating a grooming salon compared to a store facility: 

  1. I come to you and see dogs, cats, or any other furry critter on a one by one basis, which will ensure comfort, calmness, and less stress since there are no other animals around. 

  2. I communicate and educate my clients in regards to the best grooming style that is suited for your furry kid. 

  3. I never rush to get the job done. Quality time is taken to ensure your pet gets the grooming perfection.

  4. Your furry kid will never be trapped in a kennel all day. Since grooming is done in a mobile unit the goal is to have an in and out service that way your pet does not have to be in a kennel. Their is also no kennel blow drying; Each pet is blow dried by hand. 

Here at Furry Critters Salon you will never have to worry because your furry kid will be in great hands and will receive a lot of love, pampering, and attention. Book an appointment today! 🙂

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